Most people love Atlanta, but Diamond isn’t most people. The first chance she got, she left Atlanta behind to live her best college life in Maryland, but the past has a way of showing up uninvited-rude as hell-when you least expect it. What is supposed to be a long overdue, yet quick trip home for the holidays turns out to be chaos and confusion. One thing’s for sure: this will be a holiday Diamond never forgets.

Breon is a man of few words, but much action and long paper. When he meets Diamond, he’s ready to lock her down, cut all his hoes loose and make her his main chick. But there’s just one problem: Diamond wants no parts of it and is content just kickin’ it—until it looks like the next chick is ready to give Breon any and everything he wants to be his main. Just when Breon is about to prove how serious his feelings are for Diamond, everything goes left, leaving someone dead when it’s all said and done.

Money. Cash. Hoes. Murder. Their lives will never be the same after this Christmas…

Trippin' Off Your Bae: A Chaotic Holiday Romance

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