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Waking up in a hospital has given Jru a major wake-up call to get her life together. After being hit with one obstacle after another, she quickly realizes her picture-perfect life is no more. Just when she thinks she’s on the comeback, her business takes a crushing blow, threatening the future of everything she’s worked hard to build. When shocking family skeletons come tumbling out the closet, Jru is forced to face a truth she’s been lying to herself about for years.


Through it all, Dax is right by her side, but the harder things get, the more she wants to push him away. Will she wake up and realize she’s worthy of his love? Or will she lose it all?Fighting to hold Jru down is a full-time job, and one that Dax starts to question as his own life is in chaos. As if the drama with his long-lost father isn’t enough, he suffers a devastating loss that leaves a shocking secret in its wake. Dax has no idea what his next move will be, but he knows one thing for sure: he will get to the bottom of things and reclaim what’s rightfully his by any means necessary.


Will Dax finally convince Jru he’s everything she never knew she needed? Will Jru let Dax scratch the itch that’s been neglected for far too long? Take one last ride with this couple and find out why this thing between them is the Realest Kind of Love they’ve ever had.

The Realest Kind of Love 2

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