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"The last time I let go and let love do its thing, I poured my heart and soul into Keraun. What did it earn me? Public humiliation, professional embarrassment, a broken heart, and questions that still keep me up at night. So, no, I'll pass... I'm good on that love ish..." ~ Jru Mottola


Back in the day, Jru would have risked it all for love, but when a scandal put her love life on blast in every blog, she decided to cut her losses and focus on securing the bag-- shooting right to the top of the music industry. Now CEO of one of the hottest labels, Jru is living the life that most chicks would kill for, and it's all hers. Things are perfect, until the scandal she tried to bury shows up on her doorstep, and when a bombshell of truth is dropped, Jru's left wondering just who she can trust.

Dax is the perfect dude to cure Jru's broken heart, but there's just one thing in the way: his ex and first love. Just when he's about to shoot his shot at Jru, his ex comes through like a tornado, ready to reclaim the only man she ever loved. Playing on the one thing that can bring Dax to his knees, she backs him into a corner that even she has no way to escape. Dropping the past for the future is never an easy choice, so which one will Dax choose?1-click and take a ride as Jru and Dax fight their way through this drama-filled industry love story.

The Realest Kind of Love

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