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© 2018 by Tysha Jordyn. All rights reserved.

Part 1 of this anthology taught Tia that love don’t always love you back, and threatened with losing her son and her freedom, Tia is regretting the day she trusted a hood love that was never real.

Peaches is far from mother of the year, but when her daughter’s life is at stake, she stirs an old flame that also raises old demons. Will her helping hand create even bigger problems for all involved?
Ray is now in the clear with no baby mama or side chick drama, and when he runs up on a two-for one-deal, thinking with the wrong head just might cost him his life.
Rhianne takes vengeance to a whole new level when she lures her enemy into a dangerous game that’s payable in blood with just one way out: death.
Kimmie has broken a lot of hearts, but after a brush with death, she’s got a whole new outlook and is in a race to cheat death one last time.
As always, the Mercers are locked in a war, and after a shocking ambush, they’re left wondering who’s working with the other side.

Buckle up and take this final ride as these characters finally learn that money will always fuel the betrayal that is determined, by any means necessary, to extinguish all hopes of love—ain’t no happily ever after!

Love, Betrayal & Dirty Money 2: A Hood Romance

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