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Love, happiness, and all that good sh*t. That was the life Azure Mitchell just knew she’d be living with Kahlil Simmons, but life has a funny way of knocking you off your square. A tragic misunderstanding leaves Azure devastated and single. Even worse, it all fell apart because of a lie. Even more of a gut punch? Kahlil up and gets married just a few months after he dumps her. Will Azure ever get the chance to expose the truth and reclaim Kahlil’s heart?

Kahlil Simmons rules the streets with a silent brutality that people know not to test. Dealt a crushing blow of betrayal, he quickly takes comfort between a new set of legs and finds himself married before the ink dries on his breakup with Azure. But how much does Kahlil really know about his new bride? And will his rush to the altar prove to be a fatal mistake?

Joi Davis has the worst luck in men, and when she catches her man laying pipe to another chick in THEIR BED, it’s the last straw. Joi decides she’s tired of being everyone’s option and sets a plan in motion to become the next man’s priority. Money, power, respect—Joi wants it all and has a solid plan to get it, just as soon as she can snag the heart of the one man that runs the city.

Taraji is the epitome of a conniving scandal, but her sexy curves conceal a bed of lies, secrets, chaos, and death that just might leave Kahlil regretting the day he said yes. The streets of Houston will never be the same as these lives intersect in a fight to prove just who his heart belongs to...

His Heart Belongs To Me

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