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Loyalty is what the Carmichael empire was built upon, and it's the very thing that has everything they love in jeopardy.

Everytime Aniqa takes a step forward, there's a lil' dusty, jealous chick waiting to knock her back to square one. She has everything she ever wished for, but at a cost she never expected to pay. A ghost from her past has her looking at life and love in a new light, and it's only a matter of time before she finds herself questioning whether loving Linc is worth the fight. Will she choose love over everything, or will she be loyal to herself in advance?

Linc has proven time and time again that he's just the cure for Aniqa's bruised and battered heart, but when the Carmichael empire finds itself in the crosshairs of the feds yet again, he faces the ultimate test of loyalty. Will he be loyal to his woman or his love for the streets in the end?

Beautiful makes it anything but easy to love her while Savage is torn between that fiery hood love she offers and the one chick that got away. A tragic loss forces him to bury the past and choose which side he's devoted to. Can Beautiful snag the key to Savage's heart one last time, or will he give his loyalty to the only one he's prepared to die for?

In this final installment, both couples face the ultimate test of loyalty as they fight their way through love and war.

Crushin’ On A Boss 4: The Finale

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