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© 2018 by Tysha Jordyn. All rights reserved.

Aniqa is right on the edge of a living a love like no other, but there’s no such thing as a perfect love, right? No matter how much you stay in your own lane and keep your eyes on your own paper, life will find a way to knock you down and dare you to bounce back. Aniqa learns that first-hand when she tries to put Je’Marcus in her rearview, only to come face-to-face with a mother’s worst fear. Linc has just enough reach and rule to dead even the most powerful foe, but will it all be enough to end Aniqa’s nightmare?

There’s a leak somewhere in the Carmichael operation, and when a family dinner ends in sirens, a SWAT team, and handcuffs, they fear that a most-trusted member of their inner circle might be working with the other side. When Linc learns that Aniqa was dragged into a business vendetta, it’s even more reason for him to make the streets feel his wrath when someone takes revenge a little too far. Will Linc even the score in time, or will this latest attack bring the Carmichaels to their knees?

Beautiful’s heart is telling her to let Savage in, but her mind can’t seem to let go of the devastating blow she was dealt when Tyleek was sent away for a long prison bid. The past never fully stays in the past, though, and when Tyleek surprises Beautiful with something she’s waited years to hear, she finds herself wanting to back away from it all and go back to being solo dolo. Beautiful refuses to have fake people trying to run game on her with fake love, which means Savage will have to put in overtime to persuade her to take a chance on what’s clearly a chaotic love. Can Savage convince Beautiful to take a chance on a new flame, or will the one that got away from Savage convince him to rekindle that old thang that’s been ready and waiting for him to come home?

Crushin' On a Boss 3: The Streets or Love

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