Family over everything – that’s the motto in the Carson family, and no matter how life has tried to tear them down, these five brothers always find a way to put family first – but is it all a lie? They present a united front, but each brother has enough lies and secrets to rip the family apart forever. 


In this first installment, you meet big brother Ace: the glue that holds the brothers together, but even the most noble man can’t say no to temptation. He’s living the dream, but will his happiness last when his “temptation” decides she wants to be his main?

Mason is willing to risk it all to chase his dreams, especially since he can’t have the one he loves. But the past has a way of reappearing to collect them coins. Mason has committed a crime like no other, but the heart wants what the heart wants and when he comes face to face with his biggest betrayal ever, someone just might end up paying with their life.

True love is always put to the test, it’s always a battle, so which brother will come out on top in the family that preys?

As We Prey: A Love Saga

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