Things ain’t never fair in love, and the harder these Carson brothers try, the more the drama seems to keep coming for them.

Lance can’t seem to catch a break as one blow after have him caught between ICU and law enforcement. Just when he’s about to catch his breath, the worst of the worst slaps him in the face: baby mama drama. Tanya, his bitter ex, is determined to have the last laugh – and she’ll burn down anything that gets in her way. Just how far is she willing to go to exact the perfect revenge?

The jagged triangle that is Ace/Gianni/Mason continues to prove dangerous to the touch as the two brothers learn that Gianni has some secrets of her own. In the hot seat again, Gianni just might find herself in the midst of yet another paternity test when her past makes a surprising cameo. Will the saying “How you get them is how you lose them” prove to be true for Mason? 

Jax and Karina’s happily ever after is quickly shot down when Nelson reminds Karina of the “til death us part” portion of their vows. With an unbearable secret growing larger by the day, Karina has no choice but to let go and let things play out —and hope Jax can rescue her before Nelson gives her one last push into the grave. 

Just one last question—what IS the deal with Ivan? Crisis is at an all-time high for the Carson brothers as each man tries not to take their last breath chasing what the heart wants. Can love really conquer all?

As We Prey 3: A Love

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