What's done in the dark always comes to the light, doesn't it? In part two of this jaw-dropping series, Ace's revelation has the family reeling with shock, but Paris is on cloud nine as she finally has the man of her dreams with no interruption--but will her bliss be short-lived as she and Ace struggle with choosing a hard right over an easy wrong? 

A lucrative record deal promises to bring Majesty the fame and fortune they've always dreamed of, but once the money is laid on the table, things take a treacherous detour when Danger's true motives come spilling forth with a shock-wave of revelation.

Mason's life is in disorder, both personally and professionally, as he seems be to making all the wrong choices. With his heart set on a forbidden affection and the remaining members of Majesty crying foul, he'll need all the prayer he can get to push him past the most trying tribulation of his life.

Jax comes face-to-face with a heart-wrenching blast from his past, but his second shot at a love unfulfilled is only temporary as he quickly discovers that although past sins are forgiven, they are surely not forgotten. Lance is willing to bet it all for a shot at the good life, but will his next wager come due with a payment in the form of his life?

The enemy is working overtime to put the Carson brothers asunder, and they just might take a big loss before they see an honest win. Dive right into this second installment to see how the brothers fare in the battle to find the balance between want and need. Can a person really always choose family over everything? Dive into this next episode and find out!

As We Prey 2: A Love Saga

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