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Hey Readers!

I'm baaaack! Okay, maybe I never left, but I've definitely been on a bit of a hiatus - still been writing, though 🤗

I've been in this #bookGame for going on 6 years, but 2020 is the year I promised myself I'd leave no ideas on the table. This unique serialized fiction series is one of those great ideas. Anytime Candace Harris and I put our heads together, BOOM! It's gonna be explosive!

Mahogany Heights is...something new, so I hope you enjoy because these characters? Whew, chile! Drama for days, and I hope you love every second if it!

Whether you hit me up after each episode or each season, I'd love to hear what you think of the series, so drop me a line here.

Happy Reading 📚

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Mahogany Heights - Episode 1



My eyes watered as the biting sting blistered my ass cheek, the pain snaking up my back and down my leg. When the strap swung back over his shoulder, I held in the urge to flinch. Any shift of posture and he’d come down harder. I just hoped he would choose a different spot because I was sure my skin would split under another lash.


“I said sit!” Max yanked at the chain around my neck, forcing me onto all fours. To reward my obedience, he patted my head before leaning down to kiss my cheek. 


“Would she like to go for a walk?” His eyes darkened with a twisted desire, same as they did every other time we’d played this little game. Ever the obedient sub, I barked like he’d trained me to. 


But what I really wanted to do was slap the shit out of him for hitting me with such force. I knew I’d bruise again, and that would make it painful for me to sit. If I couldn’t sit, then I couldn’t do the actual work I was paid to do; work that came with an other duties as required clause that made me so much more than a dutiful administrative assistant.


He walked me around his penthouse, occasionally stopping to pet my head. My knees burned in arduous pain against the chill of the marble flooring that spanned the length of his penthouse. When we arrived at the dog bowl, I cursed him something fierce in my head. I told this perv two weeks ago that I didn’t want to do this shit anymore.


“Go ‘head girl, eat.” He nodded, yanking on the chain around my collar for good measure. When he swung the leather strap again, I lowered my face into the bowl and pulled in a mouthful of the Blue Buffalo canned blend. It tasted like fish oil and smelled like cat piss, but if I gagged, I knew I’d incur Max’s wrath until his arm cramped.


And God forbid I disappoint master. 

When I first had the grand idea to seduce my boss, Max Calloway, I never dreamed he would be into this kind of shit. I’d seen Fifty Shades and, unlike millions of other horny housewives across America, I wasn’t impressed. At first it was cool, but then it started going further and further. And in all the times we’d been together, he’d never once penetrated me. 


I ate the last few bites while he stood over me, stroking himself to his release and when he finally recovered, he looked over at me and smiled. I ran over to the sink and vomited every bit of what I’d just forced down. 


“I told you I didn’t want to take it that far again!” I roared, slipping the ties out of my hair that he demanded I wear. 


“Gourmet blend. It should taste better.” He crossed the room and wrapped his arms around me, bringing me in close. I laid my head on his chest and contemplated whether this was all worth it.


“You’re a weird motherfucker,” I mumbled as he withdrew and looked down at me. His clouded orbs swirled with a cryptic veil as he studied me, jaw tightening before he released me from his grasp.


“When you get back to the office, schedule a meeting with Raven,” he beckoned an icy command. A lump formed in the center of my throat, and I silently chastised myself.


“I’m sorry,” I tried to remedy the situation, but he cut his eyes down at me.


“Tell her it’s about a mutual interest of ours. She’ll know what that means.” 


I made my way back into his bedroom, where I’d stripped out of my clothes upon arrival. Yeah, I knew exactly what he meant by a mutual interest. Probably his dick. 


Raven Bryant was the CIO at the firm Max owned, and I would bet my next paycheck they were fucking. I couldn’t stand that bitch. But for a reason that I didn’t even attempt to understand...Max loved her. 

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